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IGB Poolbeg


IGB Poolbeg

The site forms part of the site of the former Irish Glass Bottle factory in Ringsend and fronts directly onto Sean Moore Road.

The proposal is for a mixed use development, which will introduce a new range of commercial activities to the site. The proposed scheme will provide for a new cinema and leisure complex, retail floor space, with ancillary café uses.

The proposal is for an 8 no. screen cinema providing a total of 1,886 no. seats. The cinema complex is located on the first, second and third floor levels of the proposed new building, with the cinema entrance/foyer located at ground floor level.

The first floor of the proposed building is shared by a proposed leisure use which includes a bowling alley and computer games arcade. Also at this level, there are back of house operations, ticket booths and concession stands positioned around a central concourse. Access to cinema screens is provided from the central concourse.

A total 3,603 sq m of retail floorspace is proposed as part of the development. This floor space is provided in the form of two large separate retail stores of 1,688 sq. m. and 1,915 sq m respectively. The smaller is intended as a discount foodstore, while the larger unit is to comprise comparison retailing and is envisaged as a clothing store/small scale department store. The retail units have frontage onto the adjoining public roads.

A 368 sq. m. café is proposed at ground floor area. Additional café areas are proposed as part of the cinema complex.

A total of 147 no. car parking spaces are provided in the basement of the proposed building. An additional 53 no. car parking spaces are provided at ground level to the south-east of the proposed new building. Vehicular access to the basement car park is provided from a new road, which is to be constructed along the south-eastern elevation of the building which will link to the South Bank Road. Access to the surface level car parking is via the basement of the new building. Pedestrian access to the car park is provided at the junction of Sean Moore Road and the new pedestrian boulevard which will dissect the site to link to Sean Moore Park and the Dublin Bay area.

A total of 155 bicycle parking spaces are provided– 75 no. spaces are provided at basement level and 85 no. spaces are at street level along the proposed new pedestrian boulevard.