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Fatima Mansions Housing


Fatima Mansions Housing

Following on from the Burke-Kennedy Doyle RAPID Masterplan for the redevelopment of the Fatima Mansions flat complex, Burke- Kennedy Doyle were commissioned to design the first 110 units on site. The proposal was for a series of own door units in duplex and two storey house format arranged about a central green space and a series of short cul de sacs. In developing the designs through workshops with the local residents it was agreed that all residents were to have their own front door to the street and private open space in the form of a garden or deck overlooking the street. The elevations were designed using a palette of brick, self finished render and timber windows where the red brick of the surrounding street terraces was brought into the scheme with a buff coloured brick for the dwellings overlooking the central park space. Following a public private partnership bidding process a consortium was chosen to execute the project which did not include BKD. However the consortium was contracted to execute the first 110 units in accordance with Burke- Kennedy Doyle’s design, tender and detail drawings.

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