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Drimnagh Retail


Drimnagh Retail

The proposed mixed-use development located on a brownfield site off Drimnagh Road, comprises of one local convenience store, which will also accommodate a small and discreet off-license area, a separate retail unit with integral pharmacy and a café. The development will also include outdoor seating and landscaped areas, and access, parking and delivery areas.

Two buildings are proposed. One (the ‘western building’) will be L-shaped and sited along the west boundary. It will accommodate the café to the front, with outside seating area fronting onto Drimnagh Road, and a local convenience store to the rear, in the larger area. That store will accommodate a small off-license which will be located in Unit No.2

The second building (the ‘eastern building’) will be sited along the front portion of the eastern boundary which will be a convenience retail unit including a pharmacy, which will be located in Unit No.3.

The buildings will be set back from the Drimnagh Road frontage by a similar distance to the existing buildings, with a hard and soft landscaped frontage and access road / parking area between the buildings to the rear parking / turning / service area.